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Today is June 2nd, 2000, and it's my birthday. If I knew that I was going to live
for so long I would of taken better care of myself. (ha)

Anyway, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. If you're looking for the
truth regarding UFO's and ET's then you've come to the right spot. As some of
you might guess the disinfomers are working overtime these days, with the quiet
invasion in full swing I can see why the secret government is running scared. The
Visitors (a.k.a. aliens) have been making worldwide displays for the past nine years
and counting. We have the Mexico City Phenomenon, the Phoenix Lights,
in 1993 the crop-circle phenomenon went worldwide. We have buildings
on the Moon, buildings on Mars, which I myself along with my webmaster, have
found buildings and artifacts on Mars. Not only have I found buildings and artifacts
on Mars - but I also believe I understand what I'm looking at. The ET's
communicate most often using sign & symbol, and this is what we're finding on the
red planet, as I explain in the essay entitled, The Bunkers: The Long Story (complete with photographs and analysis).

I'm the author of 4 books and I have a number of essays, the first three of
which were published by one of the country's best science journals. Most of
the material here will be made available through mail-order. To have fallen into
the center of this adventure I find myself - a messenger.

As I say the disinformers are working overtime. But, of course, that is what the
government is best at. Can Americans get a straight answer about anything? Those
of us in the State-of-Iowa, and all across America, have been poisoned three times
in the last six months and not a damn thing has been said about it. Tokyo rained
nuclear poison down upon us for more than two weeks and not shit was said. The
politicians covered it up, the media helped cover it up, and now unfortunately our
medical practitioners are in so tight with the fed and big business that they're in on
the disinformer trail as well. Tens of thousands of Iowans fell into severe illness the
first half of October, 1999, I was among them. The medical geeks said it was some
unknown virus. Virus, my ass. Let's see, the half-life of uranium is 250 million years.
So in 250 million years the planet will only be half as radioactive as it is today, that's
just fucking fantastic. Earth has become a cesspool of radioactive waste - and the
visitors know it, and the government knows it. As our children become mutated the
silence-of-the-yellow-children rings louder than ever. What has become of humanity?

Earth use to be such a pure and beautiful place. Now look at us, our land is poison, our air is poison, our water is poison. There are places in the United-
States that a gallon of pure drinking water costs more than $22.

When is America going to wake-up and smell the coffee? When are we going
to realize our day of freedom? Isn't it interesting as the planet melts down we find
more and more UFO's buzzing our skies.

Is it any wonder why things look so bleak? Our politicians and bureacrats have
failed us. Our ministers and preachers have failed us. Our teachers and school
boards have failed us. The journalists have failed us. Our doctors and even our
parents have failed us. If we know right and wrong then why is murder epidemic?
Why is it that nearly a third of the country can't read or write? Why is it that even
our local news programs are controlled by a handful of people in New York? Why
can't we get the truth about Flight 800, why can't we get the truth about Tokyo?
Why can't we get the truth about our drinking water? Our water here in Iowa is so
very dirty that the politicians refuse to tell just how bad the water is.

And now as we face the moment of truth - here come The Visitors. It's common
knowledge that earth and the human race has been having elaborate and
sophisticated contact with a super race of space travellers for thousands of
years. Humans and western culture is blind, humans are poor observers. The ET's
whether people like it or not have been helping us all along. And now we've strayed
a miss and the aliens are here to help once again. Their ships are landing everyday.
There's already thousands of alien craft here and I'm certain there's thousands more
coming. Either America and western culture will wake-up and live in peace &
harmony or we could very well perish because of our own doing. I wonder what
path we shall choose?

For a little bio on me: I was born in a house that my father did not build. (ha)
(tiny joke) Actually I was probably born in a house that my grandfather built -
that's probably the more likely of the story. Records, though say, I was born
in Allen Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa. The first year we lived at the family farm,
a warm & cozy place south of Ackley, Iowa. At the age of 4 the family moved
to Northwood, Iowa, a small town 3 miles south of the Minnesota border in
north central Iowa. It was there in the coal black dirt fields of Worth County I
made many friends.

In 1979 I graduated with a B.A. from Coe College. After graduation I did a
bit of traveling and then landed myself in Phoenix, Arizona, for a short year. In
May, 1980, I moved to Iowa City and that's probably the smartest thing I've
ever done. Iowa City is a place of hope, it has cornered a market on culture,
and provides opportunity for the community at large. Senator McGovern while
running for President in the early 70's I believe, stated several times that he
thought Iowa City had the brightest people in the country living right here. We
have theater and Big-Ten sports, the hunting is good, and we have a good deal
of opportunity to work. I myself 's a rock & roller, in the past twenty years here
I've seen at least 4 or 5 thousand bands. The music has been very good to me.
It was in 1983 I lived in the slums of Dallas, Texas, living in poverty while picking
up the family trade - funeral directing. After graduation from the Dallas Institute of
Funeral Service, I found myself completing a year's apprenticeship at a local
funeral home here in Iowa City.

It was Dallas, Texas, where I found what it was that I was looking for.
For my entire life I had been looking for "something." Even at the tender
age of 5 I remember standing in my parents dining-room and staring at the front
door, and realizing that if I just follow my path I would one day find something.
Something important. And here in the summer of 1983 it happened. I stumbled
into something that was larger than life. It was there in Dallas that I got the spark
to invent a series of surgical tools, and this has proven to be a major discovery.
In the summer of 1983 I experienced a major gut-reaction which changed my life
forever. Forever.

In 1986 I applied this knowledge and presented it to a research firm on the
east coast - the idea proved "original." The last 13 years has proven interesting, I'm seeking an investment of one to fifty million dollars.

"The anwer is obvious, but the darkness looms.
How can it be so bright, when I can not see....."

So here in the last half of 1986 I make a significant find, a discovery. As the
reader will find in my latest book, The Day After Phoenix: A Two Book UFO
Odyssey, the last half of 1986 proved to be quite a roller-coaster. All I needed
was the orginal financing to protect myself legally, and to provide myself with
a year's research, a cost of approximately $15,000. And as the reader will find
- even with a 100% tax break - it was a very difficult pitch.

"The Overload blankets me."
In May, 1987, I was walking through the downtown Mall and here the eyes
on the cover of Whitley Strieber's book, Communion, caught my attention. I
immediately went straight for the book rack and stared into the creatures eyes.
My mind drifted back to childhood when I was 9, and out camping along the
river, when a ball-of-light fell out of the sky and started straight toward us. The
thing was as big as a football field and shined bright white light. The ship moved
straight out in front of us and hovered in the blackness of the night sky - and all
we could do was stare. It was fantastic! The images of that ship had been burned
into my mind's eye and I will never forget it.

Within a matter of days I had purchased a copy of Mr. Strieber's book, and
was devouring it page by page. I certainly wasn't looking for and expecting any
kind of connection here. I had seen a UFO in childhood and that was it. I was
simply reading the book only out of interest. And then it happened. A tiny
paragraph on page 120 of the hardback, triggered a memory and suddenly I
was hooked. All the bizarre memories from childhood came roaring back and
within a few short minutes I was to be bombarded with paranormal memory,
after paranormal memory. All the vivid memories of childhood suddenly fell into
place. And I fell into shock. For the next three weeks I was drunk.

The alcohol helped sooth the anger. It had been difficult enough trying to
convince the family, for the ideas for surgery, but to suddenly realize that I was
going to have to tell them of this (family) revelation, was all too much. I had
cursed the aliens. The message was too powerful for such tiny minds. To have
made a major discovery in the field of forensic medicine, and then to realize
nine months later, that in childhood I had been "visited," was a bit much. The
shock was so overwhelming, that for the next two years, I was a babbling
idiot. Some still think so.

On the evening of December 28th, 1991, the Visitors returned in fashion.
I had been out walking the dog, when we encountered two greys - walking
their dog. It was out of this world, so to speak. The event had occurred within
a couple hours of having finished the first draft of my first book, Wake-up.
As it turned out the ET's kept coming, and coming, and soon I was to become
frustrated with the fact that the aliens always had total control. And so I set out
to change that.

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